5 things to watch in Abu Dhabi F1 finale

  1. Watching media totally roast Checo Perez for his Monaco crash-gate. It will start on Thursday during an official press conference. Will FIA investigate him? Possible race ban? What will Horner and other team principals say?
  1. Perez and Leclerc fight for P2 in WDC. Verstappen said he would help Perez this time (to collect more points, not disclose his cheating)
    LECLERC – 290 points
    PEREZ – 290 points
  2. Mercedes is on the run again. Will Hamilton win this time? Will 🔥Mercedes overtake 📉Ferrari in Team Championship P2?
    FERRARI – 524 points
    MERCEDES – 505 points (but front row lockout last time)
  3. Midfield battle for a lot of prize money P6 and P8 in constructors are still undecided.
  4. Ricciardo is leaving F1. Will it be a good or bad last race?Also, there are rumors that Matia Binotto will be out as Ferrari team principal. Ferrari denied that means Binoto will probably be out as Ferrari team principal. 🤡🍝


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