Goodbye Seb, Welcome Hulk! (+Photos)

Let’s finish 2022, can’t wait for 2023.

It is still only Friday, but everyone cannot wait to finish this season. Many jokes, a free atmosphere, and saaad goodbyes for some. 😢

Look at this picture! It is from Seb’s goodbye dinner and you can count all 20 drivers . there. They probably organized it via Driver’s WhatsApp group chat.

It is unfortunate to see him leaving, but Seb can be back at some time in the future. Maybe as a team principal, maybe as a driver for the German Audi team 👀, maybe as FIA president. 

Also, expect something big from FOM / F1 TV about Sebastian Vettel this week during the broadcast. And prepare the tissues.

New guys during FP1

Every team has to put a “young” driver in each of the two cars during the year and FP1 session. 

So expect to see these names in Abu Dhabi:

  • Red Bull: Lawson 
  • Ferrari: Schwarzman 
  • McLaren: O’Ward 
  • Alpine: Doohan
  • Aston: Drugovich
  • Williams: Sargeant 
  • Haas: Fittipaldi 
  • Alfa Romeo: Kubica

Grid for 2023 is set-up

Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher are leaving F1, it is official now. Also, Danny Ric was so kind to announce Mick’s replacement in Haas 2023 seat next to KMag. Daniel Ricciardo announcing new Haas driver for 2023. #F1 #Formula1 #Haas #Ricciardo #Hulkenberg ♬ original sound –

Is it sad to see Schumacher’s name leaving F1? You can decide.

Did Mick destroy many Haas parts this season? Yes.

Is Hulk better for Hass? Yes.

Would Mick stay in F1, if Ferrari put him in Alfa Romeo? Probably yes. 

(Note: It will be Logan Sergant for Williams, but he needs to get his Superlicence) in final F2 race this weekend.


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